GSM Engineers Pvt. Ltd. represents reputed companies for marketing their products in North India.

GSM Engineers Pvt. Ltd. acts as interface between Supplier and Client in finalizing exact requirement.

GSM Engineers Pvt. Ltd. ensures better co-ordination to achieve timely payment and delivery of equipment as per specifications.

Main equipments of our companies are given below :

1. Electro Magnetic Industries

Magnetic Equipments

  • In-line Magnetic Separator
  • Over Band Magnetic Separator
  • Magnetic Pulley
  • Drum Type Magnetic Separator
  • Circular/Rectangular Lifting Electro-Magnets
  • Hopper Magnets
  • Drawer Magnets, etc.

Vibratory Equipments

  • Vibratory Feeders
  • Vibratory Screens
  • Electro Magnetic Bin Vibrators for Silos/Hoppers/Chutes
  • Unbalanced Vibratory Motors
  • Vibratory Compaction Table
  • Spiral Elevator
  • Netter Pneumatic Vibrators, etc.

Metal Detectors

  • Digital Metal Detectors

2. Super Scientific Works Pvt. Ltd.

Glass Equipments

  • Reaction Distillation Unit
  • Fractional Distillation Unit
  • Distillation Assembly on Glass Lined Reactor
  • Super Rota Evaporators
  • Heat Exchanges
  • Vessels and Stirrers
  • Pipelines, Valves & Fittings, etc.


Teflon Valves and Fittings.

  • Teflon Lined Pipelines, Valves and Fittings
  • Teflon Lined Dip Pipes
  • High Pressure Bellows
  • Double Window Sight Glass, etc.